Antonio Soler

Spanish sculptor that works with marble, wood and bronze. His studio is located in Madrid. He has exhibited his sculptures internationally. Antonio´s mind is free and tenacious when conceiving artistic creation. His figuration, far from any conformism and difficult to pigeonhole, is almost expressionist; though of an enormous Baroque influence.

If there is a characteristic that defines this artist, it is the honesty and craft when developing his work. Soler seeks to represent the purity and nature of the human soul, which is entangled in a melody of passions and emotions. He develops his works from the idea to the final result carrying a hand-in-hand dialogue with the Stone.


His natural language traverses movement with a line of essentialist purity, almost tending towards abstraction. An inspiring transit with which he wishes to express the deepest passions of the human spirit. The work of this sculptor is a collection of original pieces with magical elements and great inner strength.

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Coming soon: March 18-24, 2022. Täby Gallery, Sweden.

Coming soon: May 28, 2022. CAC Mijas, Madrid.

Coming soon: From May 25 to 29, 2022. Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair. Spring Edition

2022. Sjohasten Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden.

2021. Riddaren Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden.



Discover some of his unique sculptures in our online gallery.


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commissioned sculptures

Unique work, monument, portrait or bust in various materials; marble, wood, bronze, clay, etc.

marble sculptor

A. Soler is an artist who works with direct carving in marble and wood, an almost extinct sculptural discipline.

brancusi's dreams

Antonio embarks on a foray into the imaginary of Brancusi, developing an evolution of his work, the result of the fusion of both styles.